We are launching
the first ever BEP20 Token which has an integrated decentralised anti-theft mechanism.
It will be impossible for attackers or scammers alike to use your assets, even if they gain access to your seed phrase. After token release, the seed phrase to a 1% wallet will be publicly released.

* Everytime a white bubble appears $100 gets stolen.

Based on official estimations.

Lead Developer

About 4 months ago I was invited to participate and become a private investor in a centralized crypto insurance project. While discussing with their team I kept on thinking to myself - if you could prevent theft from happening in the first place, your assets would be safe. Thus, there would be no point in the insurance.

And then it struck me, an idea causing me to completely lose focus on what was being discussed by those present within the call. As a developer I have worked on different DeFi projects in the past, however, I've never thought of or seen anything that would be this impactful to crypto - the opportunity to protect digital assets, nearly $1 Trillion, all whilst staying decentralized.

Immediately after the presentation finished, I called Kazeo. A trusted friend who was present during that call, also invited as a private investor. I knew this would grab his attention, as we have spoken in the past about different phishing scams and other clever ways attackers use to steal funds from people's wallets. We both know people who fell victim to malicious attacks, as I am sure many of you do. This unfortunate reoccurring phenomenon has become more common throughout DeFi.

The solution - a brand new token standard with an integrated decentralized anti-theft mechanism.

Within 5 days he packed his bags and got on a flight from the USA to Romania, working with me ever since. Later on, Dev Nero and Graphic Designer Tina, both of which I have known for many years joined us. Working with the team so far has been a great pleasure, and I look forward to the many others that join along the way.

For those who wonder if I invested in the crypto insurance project - I didn't - I truly believe that what we will accomplish here with SafeAssets will make projects like these become obsolete.

Lean Canvas
Lean Canvas
The SafeAssets lean canvas is a one-page document containing the overall business idea of our project. The intent is to break down critical areas in such a way that investors have the ability to efficiently analyze the project at an introductory level.
Pitch Deck
Pitch Deck
The SafeAssets pitch deck is a visual presentation portraying the full vision of the project. The pages cover critical areas any business startup needs to address, while making confirming the market potential using cited sources.
Crypto Facts
Market Value
Since the 2018 all-time high, the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization has gone from a $760 billion evaluation to $3.048 Trillion in 2022. A 400% increase makes decentralized finances one of the fastest-growing markets.
User Growth
In just 5 years, the number of identity verified crypto asset users has increased from an estimated 115 million in 2017, to 320 million in 2022. Crypto users will continue to significantly increase with adoption happening in countries such as India.
Crypto Projects
In 2016 there were 572 crypto projects available on the market with that number increasing to 1,359 by the end of 2018. However, with the rise of smart contracts allowing the creation of tokens, Binance Smart Chain has over 2.7 million BEP20 contracts.
Unsecured Assets
Assets within decentralized finances can be considered unsecured, as there is no full-proof way to recover stolen goods. The owner is solely responsible for his/her actions. Preventative measures can be taken, significantly reducing the likely hood of a successful malicious attack.
Affected People
Data from the FTC (Federal Trades Commission) within the United States has received a total of +46,000 scam reports from people in 2021, equating to $1 billion in stolen funds. The average loss per report came out to $2,600.
Stolen Assets
Stolen assets in 2021 reached a staggering $14 billion in a single year, as attackers continue to improve and innovate their method of attacking. Since 2020, crypto-related theft has increased 516%, with 72% happening on DeFi protocols.
Project Roadmap
1. Contract Release
The first stepping stone that awaits the SafeAssets project is the release of our first token. This token will launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), demonstrating the power of our newly developed token standard containing the very first integrated decentralized anti-theft mechanism.
2. DApp Launch
A decentralized application (DApp) launch will take place after the token demonstrating our new standard is released and tradable on Pancake swap. The intention behind the decentralized application is to bring a user-friendly interface for every token using our new standard. All of the functions that our new standard introduces will still be accessible via BscScan after the token is launched.
3. Crypto Support
Knowing that the majority of individuals invest and hold onto other major cryptocurrencies or stablecoins, we have every intention to offer the use of our technology and support multiple assets beyond just our own. We strive for decentralized security and will not discriminate and limit our anti-theft mechanisms due to personal bias. Examples of some currencies that will be supported are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and Binance USD (BUSD).
4. DAO Voting
We will give our token holders the ability to earn while shaping the future of projects by enabling DAO features. The vote-to-earn system allows our holders to earn, whilst the project with the most votes receives a free license of our decentralized anti-theft technology for their community. Licenses are compatible with our DApp. This will aid in our goal of making DeFi a safer space for all, in addition to strengthening collaboration opportunities. Holders will receive more tokens by holding and consecutively voting every month.
5. Token Security
Every day, dozens of new token projects are released onto the market, which has an ever-growing user base. Expanding beyond just cryptocurrencies, we would like to offer our support to both new start-ups and previously released developing projects. Those that wish to keep their tokens safe from malicious attacks will have the ability to license SafeAssets technology and use our DApps freely. The initial supported token contracts will be BEP20 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and ERC20 on Ethereum (ETH2).
6. NFT Standard
As use cases for NFTs continue to evolve, it is important for us to not limit ourselves to protecting just one type of token standard. Theft of NFTs is far too common, and that is why we’ve set out to protect the communities and holders of the second largest investment type in decentralized finances. Creating a new standard for NFTs with a decentralized anti-theft mechanism will allow us to gain a larger market share in securing the realm of decentralized finances (DeFi)
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